Join The Wine Club

Because of high demand and limited production, membership in our wine club is the only way to guarantee access to our wines.

Membership is on a first come, first serve basis. All shipments are billed to the member’s credit card right before shipping and will include wine, shipping, and any applicable sales tax. All Wine Club members are responsible for any restocking or reshipment costs due to failed or missed deliveries. Most delivery companies will make three attempts to deliver wines before returning the shipment to us.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum of 2 shipments required for all new Wine Club members!

As a Wine Club member, you will receive:
• A 20% discount on all wine purchases, including Wine Club and subsequent purchases
• A guaranteed allocation of our small lot, hand-crafted wines
• An opportunity to attend special tasting events

Woman holding a bottle of Prothro Family Wines
Heritage Wine Club: 3 shipments per year

•  Shipments in the Spring (April/May), Fall (October), and Winter (February)
• 4 bottles per shipment
• Spring: 2 Sauvignon Blancs/2 Bordeaux Varietal Reds
• Fall: 4 Bordeaux Varietal Reds
• Winter: 4 bottles of limited release Bordeaux Varietal Reds

• 20% discount on all wine purchases (Wine Club shipments and other wines)

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